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Rishi Chaudhary - 2nd life - Laudable work done by Meditrina
Update on 2015-05-11

Good Samaritan Deed by Doctors from Meditrina Institute Of Medical Sciences.

  • Meditrina gives 2nd life to unidentified accident victim
  • Laudable work done by Meditrina – gives new lease of life to accident victim Free of cost – identity established later

A rare humanitarian deed was recently observed. Noted intensivist par excellence, Dr. Mahesh Sarda, Consultant Physician & Director - Critical Care Medicine at Meditrina Institute Of Medical Sciences, was returning back from Katol. He witnessed a Road Traffic Accident, patient around 26 years, male, was on two wheeler and himself collided with a four wheeler due to vertigo on 26/04/2015 at 8:30pm. It was noticed that he had consumed alcohol and allegedly was drunk. Patient was immediately brought to hospital by Dr. Sarda in his car. Enroute, the Casualty, ICU and OT were called to keep readiness for any eventuality, in conformation to the Golden window period. The ‘Golden Period’ implies that the earlier the casualty gets medical attention, the better are his prognosis. Prima facie no history of convulsion / ENT bleed was witnessed, but Dr. Sarda doubted that there could be a Temporal Bone Fracture. Patient was extremely drowsy, and irritable.

On reaching the hospital treatment could start instant, as readiness was there. CT confirmed Temporal Bone Fracture. On the next day, the patient regained consciousness, and could tell his name as Rishi Choudhary, and place of domicile as around Katol. Accordingly the police station of that place was contacted to help out in tracing the whereabouts of the relatives. On reaching the hospital, it was observed that the patient relatives were absolutely unaffordable. The patient relatives then decided that the patient be shifted to Medical College. Just as this development was ensuing, the patient’s condition took a sudden dip and Dr. Nilesh Agrawal, Consultant Neurological and Spinal Surgery & Director - Neurological Surgery suggested that a CT be done again, which suggested a significant Right Extra Dural Hematoma. Looking at the patient’s deteriorating condition, it would not have had been possible for the patient to have made it to Medical College. A bold & stat decision had to be taken, which Dr. Sameer Paltewar & Dr. Nilesh Agrawal took, with the prime thought of salvaging a young patient’s life. After instant discussion with relatives and after taking fitness from the anesthetist, the patient was immediately posted for Right TP Craniotomy for total evacuation of EDH. Procedure was uneventful, and patient was discharged on the 2nd Post Operative day. The Patient was managed with antibiotic, antacids, antiepileptic, multivitamins and other supportive treatment.

The Patient responded to the treatment. ­­­He was discharged in stable condition with an advice to review after 7 days in OPD. Apart from the significance linked to the episodes mentioned, one commendable point worth mentioning here is that this particular patient was initially treated without having an iota of information about his identity or affordability, more so, Dr. Sameer Paltewar, CMD and Senior Neurosurgeon, & Dr. Nilesh Agrawal, Consultant Neurological and Spinal Surgery & Director - Neurological Surgery operated on him fully well knowing about his inability to pay. Surgery, treatment and hospitalisation was absolutely free of cost. This highlights the corporate social responsibility aspect that Meditrina Institute Of Medical Sciences harbours and practices in reality.

Dr. Sameer Paltewar, CMD Meditrina and Senior Neurosurgeon opines, “We sometimes do have to make life or death decisions……, true,  but that serves more to remind us that we are human, and sometimes fallible, than to instill any ideas of doctors being godlike.  It is a grave and awesome responsibility, and we act to the best of our ability to help our patients.  Some of these decisions are incredibly difficult because there are so many factors to consider, not the least of which is our patients' quality of life during the treatments that we prescribe.” 

Agreed that the doctors are looked upon as demi gods by society, but in reality they are also human beings, and are not infalliable. We have some incredible doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals at Meditrina Institute Of Medical Sciences, the temple of healing. It may be mentioned that nowadays to avoid oneself harrassment owing to the system, many of the hospitals and doctors appear to be reluctant in handling any serious patients, because if such a patient dies while treatment is going on, the relatives think they are doing something too great by creating  ruckus and blaming the healthcare providers as if the doctor had some grudges against the deceased and the relatives. The blame is put totally on the health care service provider. Relatives of such a casualty and society must infact be grateful to the healthcare providers for putting in their best efforts to save humanity.

Dr. Nilesh Agrawal said, “At Meditrina Institute Of Medical Sciences, the “temple of Healing,” it is a policy decision to first provide necessary first aid instant, without waiting for relatives or police, as wasting time can diminish chances and quality of life post the trauma. A doctor will never like to lose his patient. Every doctor will make all possible attempts to save his or her patients and hence citizens, society, and patients should trust their treating doctors. Vidarbha Hospitals Association fraternity also aplauded the doctors of Meditrina for this “Good Samaritan” deed.”

For more information kindly call Dr. Russel Lawrie, General Manager of Meditrina Institute Of Medical Sciences on 8237000947, or 6669600.

Extreme Right – Dr. Sameer Paltewar, 2nd from Right – Rishi Chaudhary (now enjoying his 2nd life, 3rd from Right –Dr. Mahesh Sarda, Extreme Left – Dr. Russel Lawrie.

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