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Our mission is to touch the lives of patients from National and International Origin with genuine superspeciality and globally comparable healthcare solutions. We endeavour and strive to reach out to people from every walk of life and do our bit to help them stay healthy . Apart from the major social initiatives and programmes that Meditrina Institute Of Medical Sciences has initiated, it takes intiative in doing its bit for the community it serves like adoption of small talukas / villages, and the likes. Every member of the Meditrina family is committed to provide comfort, care and solace to the people in their own way, and we are proud to present the various community service events that take place in our hospitals.

  • Meditrina’s Contribution in combating Heart Disease
  • Meditrina Dedicates “Dil Se Dil Tak Club” to citizens
  • Meditrina Colonies / Villages Adoption Programme - Patansaongi, Seoni, Kamptee, Kanhan
  • Meditrina Life Saver Training Program
  • Meditrina’s Sahas Abhiyan– A Programme to buoy the Motivation level, combat stress.

Meditrina’s Contribution in combating Heart Disease

A very challenging CAR0TID ARTERY STENTING in 68 yr old, was recently performed at Meditrina Institute Of Medical Sciences, Nagpur, by Interventional Radiologist Dr. Shrikaant Kothekar. This patient presented with repeated attacks of minor strokes inspite being on medication. More than 90% narrowing of main blood vessel which supplies blood to the brain was throwing small plaque/clot leading to repeated attacks of weakness of half side of body, disturbance in vision & speech. This procedure of CAS-(crossing narrowed area with wire, placing protection device, balloon dilatation and placing self expanding stent) was performed for prevention of major stroke-paralysis.

Meditrina Dedicates “Dil Se Dil Tak Club” to citizens

Sanguine to the patient centered service that Meditrina Institute believes in, and keeping the health and wellbeing of society at large, in mind the hospital has conceived exclusively for all those patients who have been afflicted by heart disease, or those who could be prone to, or for those simply interested in being a part of a movement directed towards prevention of heart ailments. With this intention in mind, Meditrina Institute of Medical Sciences has explored a novel avenue to ‘heartcare with a difference’ which would be through the "DIL SE DIL TAK Club." It may be mentioned here that the Cardiology Department of Meditrina is in a class of its own having back up of state of the art equipment and infrastructure. Noted Interventional Cardiologists Dr. Vikas Bisne, Dr. Pankaj Harkut, Dr. Shailendra Ganjewar, Dr. Pramod Ambatkar and well known Cardiovascular and thoracic surgeons Dr. Satish Das, Dr. Sanjay Khanzode comprise the Adult and Paediatric cardiology team that Meditrina has.

Dr. Sameer Paltewar, Director Meditrina Institute Of Medical Sciences, opines, “Perfection and professionalism of healthcare services at affordable cost in an ambience of globally comparable infrastructure & equipment, is the order of the day, besides the utmost important aspect, which is, selfless honesty. The idealism of Professional services with perfection and honesty forms the basis of Meditrina’s unfathomable Heartcare services in Nagpur and Central India”. He affirms that Meditrina strictly adheres to its philosophy which is based on 5 ‘T’s., “Tertiary Care Hospital, Team Work, Total Holistic Treatment, Technologically Sound, Tenacity in treating difficult and tough ailments forms the basic Philosophy of Meditrina.” Based upon these strong foundations, Meditrina Institute of Medical Sciences has created a unique place that clinicians aspire to give and patients aspire to get. The hospital envisions timeless lasting bonds of quality healthcare for its patients.

Dr. Russel Lawrie, whose brainchild this venture is, opines, “Keeping society in mind, we dared to dream of an exclusive club, the "DIL SE DIL TAK Club," comprising of members who have already had the misfortune to have had undergone any / or various cardiac procedures in their life or for those who are prone to cardiac ailments or for those who are interested in being a part of this healthy heart movement. As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure,” the intention of this club is to ward off misconceptions and fear in the minds of those afflicted with cardiac ailments, besides providing special benefits to them in treating their ailments. For all those persons who have in the past undergone angiography, angioplasty, bypass, CABG, or those who have suffered a heart attack, Meditrina Institute of Medical Sciences has thoughtfully planned knowledge imparting medical sessions, discussions, continuing health awareness schedules round the year and year after year”.

“DIL SE DIL TAK Club” invites one and all to become members of this unique heart friendly club at no registration cost. Meditrina Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur is known for its social responsibility by virtue of bringing out unique society oriented activities and “DIL SE DIL TAK Club” is no exception to it. “DIL SE DIL TAK Club” endeavours to organize exhibitions, get-togethers, imparting expert views, besides providing online addressing of health and / or heart related queries and guidance for all for its members all round the year, directed towards keeping hearts healthy.

Free Health Check Up Camps, Public Awareness lectures and programmes of the like are conducted on a regular basis under the aegis of this club

Meditrina Colonies / Villages Adoption Programme - Patansaongi, Seoni, Kamptee, Kanhan

Meditrina Institute Of Medical Sciences, conducts regular Health Check Up Camps in Villages and Colonies where the population could be approximately 5000 to 15,000, in Central India, besides organizing Health Awareness, Cleanliness Programs and Health Awareness drives, all of which are extremely well received.

Meditrina Life Saver Training Program

Meditrina Institute Of Medical Sciences conducts Life Saver Community Training Programmes of the likes of CPR with an objective to train atleast one person in the family on Basic Life Support Systems. Topics related to prevention of diseases, and Life Style Modification Programmes are also routinely conducted. Such programmes are conducted on a regular basis in Schools, Colleges, Corporates, Offices and public gatherings. NIT college of Management, NIT college of Polytechnic, NIT college of Engineering, Infocepts from the IT Industry, Sunflag Iron and Steel, and a host of others.

Meditrina’s Sahas Abhiyan– A Programme to buoy the Motivation level, combat stress.

This programme endeavours to reach out to the dejected lot, and turn their dejection into positivity. This programme deploys the learned experience of a Neuro-psychologist. This programme is ongoing and is benefitting Corporate Houses, Offices, Adolescents, and children alike.

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  • Excellence

    Working together, we strive to be the best, and we work continuously to improve our performance and exceed expectations.

  • Courtesy

    It all begins with courtesy — the way we approach our Patients, their families, our physicians and fellow team members. Every encounter and interaction is our chance to portray our dedication to customer service. Whether we are talking with you on the phone or providing you with intensive medical care, we strive to treat everyone with respect and courtesy.

  • Innovation

    We pride ourselves on finding new and better ways to enhance quality of care and all aspects of our work.

  • Image

    We want you to feel proud of your choice of choosing us for your healthcare solutions. We want you to feel comfortable in our facility. We strive to present a professional, clean, healthy, inviting environment in which to care for your needs.

  • Compassion

    We treat patients, families, and each other with kindness and empathy. We connect with patients and families individually and personally and engage them as partners in decisions about their care.

  • Efficiency

    Ours is an environment that is not only high tech but also high touch, vide personal touch. Consistent improvements in technology allow us to devote more time for each guest / patient. This helps us serve you better by spending more time ensuring that your healthcare needs are met.

  • Integrity

    In all our decisions, we are guided by doing the right things at the right time and in the right place. We focus on the best interests of patients. We are always honest with each other, and true to our patients.

  • Individuality

    We understand that each guest / patient has special needs and wants. We are dedicated to meeting the unique needs of each of our guests / patients and their families by providing individualized care in a comfortable, healing environment.

  • Respect

    We honor patients’ right to privacy and confidentiality. We value differences among individuals and groups, and we actively listen, encourage feedback and choose the best way to deliver timely and meaningful information in all situations, especially in the high-stress situations inherent in this complex and demanding patient care environment.

  • Education

    We are committed to providing continuing education for our team members and physicians to ensure that you receive the best possible care.

  • Accountability

    We hold ourselves individually and collectively responsible for the work we do and for the experience and outcomes of every patient, every day.

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